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Corporate development advisor & operating partner for CEO Entrepreneurs.


Charles Bedard is a Corporate Development advisor, and operating partner for CEO Entrepreneurs.

Experienced in helping companies cross the chasm from startup to emerging leader to market leader, Charles has extensive knowledge in growth strategies and corporate development.

Charles is an expert on B2B technology solutions and advisor on Information Technology (IT), CRM (Technology, SI, ISV, Inbound, Outbound), BPO, HR technology, and Human Capital.

Charles’ deep domain knowledge of these arenas, combined with his passion for growth execution, enables him to deliver long-term strategic and near-term tactical results to help companies close the gap between vision and execution.

He has earned his Bachelor of Arts from Southwestern University and his Masters of Business Administration from Texas Christian University.

Since 2001, Charles has completed M&A deals in the following sectors: BPO, CRM, IT, Digital Marketing, MSO, MSP, Payroll, SaaS, SPM, Technology SIs, and Microsoft VAR(s).

Contact Charles:
Please email bedard [at] for a list of case studies for your industry.

I have worked with more than fifty emerging leaders who have acquired or been acquired and can share ROI stats: Company Valuation $, Return on Capital %, M&A ROI, Growth Rate %, Sales ROI $, Cost of Sales $.

By understanding the history of your industry, current competitive and market landscape, and future trends, I help solve growth challenges.

I am passionate about helping companies grow.
I get things done.
My clients and colleagues enjoy the knowledge and dedication I bring to each initiative.


M&A Corporate Development, Strategic Alliance and Channel Partner Expansion, Useful Growth Capital